dancing art and architecture

art and design in movement

Why not experience a room through movement… a new experience of a room using all your senses, expanding your own perception potential.

Or, imagine you are swinging an invisible paintbrush and thinking about lines and shapes in art…

At times round or square, curved or discontinued… sometimes tender, at others powerful... like Kandinsky or Pollock. You can turn painting into dance.

 What concerns me in my dance and theatre workshops is the playful and creative interaction with colours, shapes and lines, and above all with space. Working with different materials will complement all this.

In my workshops improvisations happen in a very playful manner, inspired by examples from art and architecture. 

I have been teaching creative dance and theatre since 1987. For this I use themes and images that stimulate the imagination. Altogether, dance can be used to tell life’s stories. 

Behind all of this is a comprehensive dance teaching theory, which enables me to help people, using focussed guidance, to discover their own dance and express themselves artistically.

You can easily be creative whilst having fun. You can feel light and agile and enjoy the sensation this stimulates - without the stress involved in repetitive training or formalised routines - no matter how old you are.